Web-based software
for analysing animal vocalisations

Visualising, segmenting, measuring, classifying, filtering and exporting acoustic units, and analysing sequence structure (syntax).

Compare with other software

Feature Koe Raven Pro Sound Analysis Pro 2011 Luscinia WarbleR Avisoft
1 Date of latest release 2019 2017 2011 2016 2019 2019
2 Cost Free US$400-800 or US$100 pa Free Free Free €1800-€2400
3 Platform
4 Open source
5 Integrated database
6 Filter/search metadata
7 Multiple simultaneous users (collaboration)
8 Segmentation start/end points of units saved to database
9 Interactively visualise many units at once (spectrograms / playback)
10 Manually classify units in bulk
11 Ordination-assisted manual classification
12 Interactive catalogue of class exemplars
13 View features as spectrogram traces ✔(?)
14 Visualise sequence structure across multiple songs
15 Visualise sequence structure as label strings
16 Visualise sequence structure as networks
17 Filter songs by sequence
18 Bulk export song selections as audio files
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